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  4. IYOG2022オープニングカンファレンス(IYOG OPENING CONFERENCE)


IYOG2022オープニングカンファレンスが2022年2月10日~11日にジュネーブの国際会議場の「人権と文明の同盟の間(Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Room )」で開催されます。

開催日時 2022年2月10日~11日
会場 ジュネーブ 国際会議場
カンファレンス 人権と文明の同盟の間(Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Room )


Scheduled Time Presenter Topic
Thu, Feb 10 – 2022
Registration & Welcome Address
General Secretary United Nations António Guterres (message)
High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, M.A.Moratinos
Spanish Ambassador at UN Spanish Mission in NY , Agustín Santos Maraver
Turkish, Egyptian and China UN representatives
Alicia Durán, chair of the IYOG2022
Glass & Humankind
10:00 Ian Freestone,  University College
London, London, UK
How it all began: The invention and re-invention of glass in the ancient world
10:30 Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk,  Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, DE Glass: A History of Meaning
Glass Living
11:00 James Carpenter, James Carpenter Design Associates, New York, USA Light in the Public Realm
11:30 Emmanuelle Gouillart,  Gobain Research, Paris, FR Glass for Sustainable Construction
12:00 Lunch break
Glasses in Optics & Photonic Technologies
13:00 Kathleen A. Richardson, University of Central FL, USA Seeing the Future:  Enabled by Infrared Glass Innovation
13:30 Naoki Sugimoto, AGC, Yokohama, JP The role of glass in 5G communication technology
14:00 Masashi Onishi,  Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Yokohama, JP Optical fibre technology
14:30 Lukas Novotny, ETH Zurich, CH Glass and Quantum
Glass reaching out I
14:50 Andy McConnell, Journalist, UK Making glass visible
15:20 Andrea S.S. de Camargo, University of São Paulo, BR Glass science in Brazil
15:40 Courtney Calahoo, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA Glass: Shaping Lives
16:00 Coffee break
Glass & Innovation  
16:20 Frederik Kotz-Helmer,
Glassomer, Freiburg, DE
High-resolution 3D printing and injection molding of fused silica glass
16:35 Steve Jung,
Mo-Si Corporation, Rolla, MO, USA
Future Opportunities for Glass in Healthcare
16:50 Leonid Glebov,
OptiGrate, Oviedo, FL, USA
Photo-Therm-Refractive Glasses for Advanced Laser Applications
17:05 Samuel Poulain,
Le Verre Fluoré, Bruz, FR
Fluoride glass technologies for XXIst century’s challenges 
Closing Talk  
17:20 Falko Langenhorst,
University of Jena, DE
Glass in space


18:00 End of day I


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